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Cross Link is a family fun board game where 2-4 players compete against each other to get their "cross link" first from their base line to the opposite side. With the constant risk of losing a connecting combination, each player takes it in turn to roll the dice in a roller coaster ride of chance and luck of either taking their opponents pieces or increase their own chance of winning.  Everyone is fighting for the same spots on the board to create their crosslink, the main question is, are you the luckiest?


​With a simple design of a 4 sided board with a 6x6 grid in the center, 2 dice will determine 2 options to place your counter. If you make a connection across the board you win, sounds simple doesn`t it?    


Checkout how our game testing went at the NEC Birmingham Games Expo in 2022 and read what others say about Cross Link. 


If you are interested in how Cross Link began then have a look at our ABOUT page. 


We have found that being a new board game that production, sourcing materials and funding is not an easy task, if you want to help us then head over to our Donations page, any help is very much appreciated.         

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